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Item Description
1.Engine Hoist. Jack works, but one leg is bent. See photos 

2.Lot of 6, 2' x 6' rolls of R19 Insulation. 5 are Owens Corning.

3.Roll of Foil Faced Bubble Insulation! See pictures for details! 

4.Hot Water Heater 3 1/2" x 48" x 75" Insulation Blanket! 

5.Hot Water Heater 3 1/2" x 48" x 75" Insulation Blanket!

6.Lights!! Small one works, others are unknown. See pictures for details! 

7.Large Rope! See pictures for details!   100 feet ????

8.Large Rope! See pictures for details!  100 feet????

9.Red Railroad Anvil!! 

10.Railroad Jack!

11.Pair of Leaf Springs! 

12.Axle! See pictures for details! 

13.Lot of 14, 2" x 2" x 8'

14.4 Vent Boots! 

15.5 Vent Boots! 

16.Pair of Halogen Work Lights! 

17.Electric Pressure Washer! Powers up!! 

18.Large Red Floor Jack! See pictures for details! 

19.Pro Source Mechanics Stool! 

20.Wen Wet Wheel Machine! See pictures for details! 

21.2 Plastic Gas Cans! 

22.1 Metal Gas Can! 

23.Pair of Muck Boots! See pictures for details! 

24.Coleman Lantern! See pictures for details! 

25.Coleman Heater! See pictures for details!

26.Snap On Ratcheting Screw Driver with Bits! 

27.Lot of Tin Signs!! See pictures for details! 

28.Lot of Assorted Leather Holsters! 36" to 40" waist(?)

29.Yellow Extension Cord! 25', 14 ga.

30.Orange Extension Cord! 50', 14/3 ga.

31.Green Extension Cord! 25', 12 ga.

32.Orange Extension Cord, does have some repairs. 3 way adaptor, surge protector! 

33.Michelob Light Hanging Beer Clock! Condition unknown!

34.Coloring Poster, Art Set, and More! See pictures for all that is included! 

35.Tool Box with an assortment of electrical stuff and mason bits!

36.Bushnell Binoculars, MagLite, and another flashlight! 

37.Knife and a Coleman Hatchet! 

38.Assorted Flashlights! 3 mini mag lites and more! 

39.Car Emergency Shovel and Ice/Snow Scraper! 

40.Garage Sign! 

41.Assortment of Wall art, clock, cross, and more! See pictures for all that is included! 

42.Assortment of Women's Boots! See pictures for details! 

43.Assorted Fishing Items!! Auger, Net, Tackle, and more! See pictures!! 

44.Green Metal Garden Cart! See pictures for details! 

45.Cigarette Roller, Lighter, and Butane Fuel! 

46.Speakers! See pictures for details! 

47.2 Crow Bars and an Angle Grinder in working condition! 

48.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!! 

49.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!!

50.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!!

51.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!!

52.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!!

53.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!!

54.Assorted Knives and Multi-Tools!!

55.Huffy Sport LED Lighted Wrist Band and Waist Band! See pictures for details! 

Huffy Sport LED Lighted Wrist Band and Waist Band! See pictures for details!

57.Jesse Venture Action Figures! See pictures for details/Condition! 

58.Wall Art! See pictures for details! 

59.DVD Player, Fun TV, DVD's, VHS, and More! See pictures for all that is included! 

60.Emergency Kit for Vehicle! See pictures for details! 

61.Vintage Toy Truck! See pictures for details! 

62.Harley Davidson Toy! See pictures for details! 

63.Fuel Gauge, 12 vDC, part # 56930P

64.Night Stick! See pictures! 

65.Night Stick! See pictures!

66.Lot of 3D Glasses, IMAX, Marvel, Etc. See pictures for details! 

67.Vintage Roller Skates and Skateboard! 

68.Camcorders! See pictures for details! 

69.Oversize Load Banner! 

70.Lot of Glue Sticks, Safety Pins, and Map Pins! See pictures for all that is included! 

71.Tupperware Containers with Lids, Dads and Coca Cola Mugs! See pictures for details! 

72.Tire Chains!! 

73.Red 4 wheel hand cart. 

74.New high speed trailer rim    ST 205/75-14

75.3 gallon Mercury gas can,hose and mix oil

76.20# propane cyl 1/2 full with a turkey fryer burner

77.Flower pot stands and baskets for your patio

78.Pail of plastic twine and stakes

79.12x12 screen house,frame only

80.Canvas and wood Army cot

81.Emergency shovel for your car and a small broom 

82.Large aluminum dust pan for the shop 

83.Tote of assorted straps

84.Box of assorted straps and booster cables

85.2 Cross lug wrenches

86.2 Seat pedestals for a RV or conversion van 

87.Portable air tank, gauge is bad

88.Craftsman circular saw, tested working

89.Pail of assorted electrical cords

90.3 boxes  of re-useable hand warmers,  2 per box

91.A lot of tow/eye hooks assorted sizes

92.Power washer hose and wand

93.Zero Start propane engine heater and a regulator

94.Charcoal starter chimney 

95.Lot of grill and camping utensils 

96.Fan and electric heater,both work see photos for details

97.De Walt driver set not compleat,also screw extractor set

98.Drill bit set compleat,appears to be new

99.3/8 drive socket set, compleat

100.Air impact chisel 

101.2 pair of Vice Grips

102.A Vice Grip and a Channel Lock pliers

103.16" Blue Point water pump pliers. Made by Snap On

104.Stanley 14" and Ridgid 10" and 8" pipe wrenches

105.Williams 18" adjustable wrench 

106.12,10,8,and 6" adjustable wrenches

107.10" and 2 8" adjustable wrenches

108.2 8" Proto brand adjustable wrenches

109.6" Diamond Tool And Horseshoe Co adjustable wrench,a Diamond Tool needle nose pliers and a tape measure 

110.Estwing hammer and more

111.Estwing hammer,Stanley tape measure and more

112.Stanley anti vibe hammer,hacksaw, and more

113.Framing square and more

114.New tool pouch

115.Assorted tools, see photos

116.Large tool box full of assorted tools see photos for details

117.A pry bar and a large chisel 

118.Tow balls,assorted trailer wiring adapters,muffler clamps all in a small tool bag

119.Set of Craftsman open end-box end wrenches 5/16 thru 7/8

120.Lot of nylon holsters,left and right hand. See photos for details

121.Lot of camo storage items for your car,plus a tin sign

122.6 each of these farm themed dishes,plates,salad plates and bowls, no chips

123.2 Hazel Atlas 6" green ivy bowls in good condition, no chips

124.Aluminum salad bowl and 4 small bowls

125.Aluminum cake tray with a locking lid

126.A vintage glass tea pot,flame defuser,glass jar and zinc lids

127.2 copper tea pots

128.Copper tea pot and more

129.Lot of misc items. See photos

130.How to Host a Murder game

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